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M4 Sherman "World of Tanks claims Guiness World Record for having biggest player base in MMO game." Simply put - millions of players around the world, hundreds of tanks to choose from and over 20 various maps to unleash steel beasts on.

M4 Sherman
Game: World of Tanks
1000 1100

Masqueraider The Masqueraider warrior has a different face for every occasion! He draws his power from the masks he wears, and can thus change his fighting style whenever he likes. So if you play Dofus make sure to check out the Masqueraider and dominate your enemies!

Game: Dofus
800 900

Kirito! Kirito is one of th protagonists in the Sword Art Online series and now you can play him as a character in the corresponding game! Show your opponents who the real master of SAO is!

Game: SAO's Legend
550 650

KV-2 Tank One of the most lethal tanks in War Thunder? We highly recommend KV-2 to fans of mechanical massacre. Its howitzer can cause an effective destruction. Enemies, be careful... Gain domination right now and move to a challenging fight!

KV-2 Tank
Game: War Thunder
1000 1100

SBS - Crossfire The Special Boat Service (SBS) is the special forces unit of the Royal Navy. Try this character if you like the Navy and the dark special agent look!

SBS - Crossfire
Game: Crossfire
700 800
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