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Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken

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Dragon Awaken is a browser MMORPG where players take on the role of a destined hero who must form a trusty party to save the world. Recruit a group of heroes, from valiant knights riding horse companions to wobbly Pandas, to help you on your adventure. Engage battles via turn-based combat, unleashing ultimate abilities to annihilate enemies. Fight manually or switch on automated combat and witness your warriors optimally win through in battles. There are no fixed classes in Dragon Awaken. Level up, unlocking new talents, and decide your own path and fate. Earn new mounts to aid you on your journey as you travel from quest to quest. Challenge other players in PvP and flaunt your strength to other warriors.

Dragon Awaken Key Features:
No Fixed Classes - select any talents you like for your characters and forge the builds you want to play.
Multiple Heroes - grow your team from a wide variety of powerful heroes to save the world.
Mount Collection - collect multiple mounts, from Lava Dragons to glorious Griffins.
Mini-Games - take a break from adventuring and play multiple mini-games to earn unique rewards.
PvP - test your team's prowess by challenging other players.

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