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Adventure Games

Those who love video games often love adventure games. Part of the fun of the genre is that you can explore and adventure in whole other worlds. Whether it’s in a far off land, under the vast ocean, or in the depths of space, there are so many exciting settings that these games take place in. Adventure games have a long history in the video games industry. Many of the classic early titles fit into this genre, particularly those of the point-and-click variety. There’s nothing quite like taking on a journey of exploration to a fully realised virtual world. That’s why we love this genre so much, and why we have a whole category dedicated to these kinds of games.
As you’ll see from our vast collection below, there are all kinds of adventure games you can choose to play. Some are challenging and require a lot of thought and strategy, while others are simple and fun. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy adventuring in a far-off land.