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Divine Storm

Divine Storm

Divine Storm
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Divine Storm is a 3D, browser, MMORPG game based on western mythology. The game offers diversified gameplay featuring three classes, various character systems, skill rotation, mounts, wings, auto-play, and much more! Travel through dungeons, fighting powerful bosses, and leveling up. Become a hero and defeat evil forces in this fantasy adventure game.

Class Info:
- They are the bravest heroes, fighting at the front of battle and are great at Melee combat.

- Guardians of the forest, they have impeccable archery skills and can summon jungle creatures to attack enemies.

- Magic users that can manipulate ice, fire and enemies.

Some other key features of the game is that it has skill based character advancement. This offers a wide variety of options towards character development. You can learn class and basic skills as you fight and complete quests. This game was developed and published by Vivagames.

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