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Children Games

Despite what some people might say, games aren’t just for kids. Although there are a lot of children’s games, that doesn’t mean they’re only played and enjoyed by young people. That’s part of the beauty of video games as a genre, they’re almost universal in appeal and can be appreciated by just about anyone.
Of course, there are some games that kids are particularly fond of. Games like Super Mario have been enchanting children for a few generations now. However, with every new generation that enjoys the franchise, there are parents who still appreciate them from their own childhood. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as bonding with your kids over games, and it’s one of the few mediums that is truly appreciated by all. We’ve put together a list of some of the best children’s games. It’s a comprehensive look at some of the games they enjoy the most. However, as you’ll find, there are plenty of titles here that can be enjoyed no matter what age you are.