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Platform Games

Platform games are some of the most established titles in the video games industry. They’re an esteemed part of the medium’s history, and there have been countless classic platformers over the years. Games such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Flashback are all some of the standout titles that helped shape the genre. Although platform games started in the arcades, they soon became a staple of modern consoles. Platformers challenge players’ skills and reactions, often bringing fast-paced and frantic gameplay that ramps up in difficulty. The genre has only improved since 3D graphics have come into play. Nowadays, platformers are still essential games across all major systems, with titles such as Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario Odyssey continuing to gain praise.
Above, we’ve chosen some of the best platform games around for you to choose from. You can run, jump, and fight your way through some of the most enjoyable titles on offer. You’re sure to find a new favourite among these classic games, no matter what your tastes are.