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For Girls Games

What makes for good games for girls? It’s an interesting question, and one with an easy answer – they’re the same as games for boys! Everyone can enjoy video games, no matter what gender they most identify with. That’s what makes it such an amazing medium of entertainment. You’ll find all kinds of exciting games in this category, ranging from amazing adventure games, role-playing titles, war games, and ones featuring strong female and male characters. One of our favourite things about video games is that you can play just about any role and feel a connection with the title and its characters.
The games for girls that we’ve picked out cover a broad range of interests and genres. And rest assured, there’s nothing in here that boys won’t enjoy too. We believe in creating an inclusive gaming community where everyone is welcome. Check out some of the excellent titles below to get started. Anyone can dive in and begin playing, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and reviews on the ones you liked.