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Just about everyone can agree that video games are great. It’s a genre that is expansive, diverse, and ever-changing. We love playing classic titles – they remind us where the industry came from and how far it’s progressed. We also love new games, which is why we keep on playing some of the best recent releases. They often showcase the best of the genre, and all the latest developments. With every new generation of consoles and the endless advancement in PC gaming, we’re seeing more and more innovative and interesting games. Keeping up with all of these new titles can sometimes be challenging, which is why we’ve created a category that fits them all.
In our new games category, you’ll find all the new titles that we have on the site. If you’ve played just about everything there is to play out there, you’ll find lots of exciting new games to choose from here. It’s a great way of finding something interesting that you’ve not played before. Challenge yourself against the latest titles and find some new favourites.