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Rust (B2P)

Rust (B2P)

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Description Rust (B2P)

Rust (B2P) = Survival. This is your only concern. This is because the world of Rust is... harsh. You will be hungry, thirsty and cold. So... go make some tools. Make a fire. Find shelter. Kill animals and hunt. Then: what of the other (multi-)players roaming the land?... Be cautious. In this world you must do whatever it takes to survive: be resourceful. Defend. Attack. Make decisions or die. Collaborate. Co-operate. Forge alliances and hopefully form a sanctuary; a town.

Intuitive and effective, this new title is growing in confidence and in users who are exploring it; testing it; making it better. They're using the game's unique building tools to create their shelters and 'secure' towns. But just how safe?

Facepunch Studios - including Garry Newman of Garry's Mod fame - provide the tools. Only you can determine how you will survive...

It's also a great title for sharing and creating game videos and captures with friends and family depicting your unique demos of survival choices and experiences. Good luck out there!

Rust (B2P) screenshot1 Rust (B2P) screenshot2 Rust (B2P) screenshot3 Rust (B2P) screenshot4 Rust (B2P) screenshot5 Rust (B2P) screenshot6 Rust (B2P) screenshot7 Rust (B2P) screenshot8 Rust (B2P) screenshot9 Rust (B2P) screenshot10
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