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Strategy Games

Do you find your mind keen and analytical? Solving complex problems seem to be as easy as pie? Have you ever been the leader of the kids' community who has planned and organized everybody's free time activities? If so, you will most likely enjoy all the strategic games that we offer! We will show you some of the most exciting games, just take a look at our bananatic list. It is time to develop your childhood talents!
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What counts the most in all strategic games? Skills that are also found attractive by future employers. That is why, playing strategic computer games will combine both business and pleasure. Bananatic offers you a wide range of games that will give you an opportunity to play with friend! Gather companions who love a strategic challenge and start a completely new experience. Becoming the perfect strategic master often takes time but with a little bit of patience you may receive even more! Bananatic will reward you for all ingame successes with virtual currency that can be easily exchange for some of the finest prizes!