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Description 1100AD

History awaits you with 1100AD, the online browser game set in a similar period to the middle ages. This makes it an accessible strategy game that celebrates the medieval world like never before. Starting out with almost nothing, you will take on the challenge of building a settlement to survive and - maybe - grow into a thriving city, or even empire, with yourself as Warrior King. How to get there? Theft, to start with; online battle and clever thinking!

Gain experience through battle and strategy and implement your know-how to master new, revolutionary skills. Become more powerful for attack and defence purposes with greater and greater resources (armies and fortifications) at your disposal. It's very much an engrossing and thrilling online strategy game.

Whether you prefer war games or strategy games the AI features will allow you to concentrate on the aspects of the game you love the most and automate those which slow you down. It makes for a slicker control.

You'll find 1100AD to be an artful, epic, browser-based strategic game. Get ready to experience the tension and tumult of online conflict!

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