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Multiplayer Games

Perhaps the best thing about gaming is multiplayer games. The sheer joy of playing with friends and randomers has little comparison. From the very first video games to modern free online multiplayer games, the spirit of companionship has endured. It’s this shared enjoyment that makes the medium of games so unique.
Whether it’s taking it in turns to try and beat a top score on an arcade machine or banding together with 39 others to take on a raid boss, multiplayer games are a diverse breed. Just about any experience in the genre can be made into a multiplayer contest of some sort. And, with the rise of handheld and mobile gaming, the trend is only going to continue. Here, we’ve gathered together some of the best multiplayer games, including plenty of free online multiplayer games. Check them out with your friends (or some random players) to find some that match your taste. The possibilities are literally endless, and there’s always someone online somewhere in the world that’s willing to play.