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Blade of Queens

Blade of Queens

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Description Blade of Queens

Blade of Queen is a free-to-play Chinese 2D side-scrolling MMORPG from Carol Games. Not only is it painted in exquisite graphics and filled to the brim with cute, power-wielding Queens but the gameplay is just like top titles Natuto Online and SAO’s Legend, where - in true, turn-based style - you’ll find yourself swept along. It will guide you into a world of magic and fantasy with alluring characters, gorgeous scenery and powerful actions. Why not enter its signature, dazzling, artistic world today and see what pretty characters and challenges await?

Blade of Queens screenshot1 Blade of Queens screenshot2 Blade of Queens screenshot3 Blade of Queens screenshot4 Blade of Queens screenshot5 Blade of Queens screenshot6 Blade of Queens screenshot7 Blade of Queens screenshot8 Blade of Queens screenshot9 Blade of Queens screenshot10
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