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Video games fans are often victims of abusive labels and stereotypes. They are being called loners who have no friends and who "live" only in a digital world. In the meantime, people often forget that MMO games develop and maintain relationships between players! Bananatic offers a wide range of different MMO productions that will allow you to create an unique, individual hero and creating bonds with other MMO fans. Enter the mystical, fantasy worlds inhabited by magical creatures or futuristic eras where the humankind has conquered the galaxy!
MMO games that we have included in our offers are divided - you will find here both the most popular productions and those intended to a narrow group of gamers. The decision is up to you! Bananatic not only gives an opportunity to play some of the finest games but also rewards players who sets the best scores with bananas (the unique virtual currency). You can easily exchange collected bananas for many attractive prizes like games' codes, pre-paids, Paysafecard, CS GO skins and many, many more!