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Army Games

Most of us will never be in the army, but that doesn’t mean that we gamers aren’t fascinated by it. Army games are a staple of the genre, bringing together some of the most enjoyable parts of video games. The possibilities are almost endless too – there are so many different styles, militaries, eras, game mechanics and more all thrown into one huge genre that is army games.
There are some huge franchises that are cornerstones of this type of game. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, and more all regularly release premium titles. However, there are so many others that aren’t quite as mainstream, as well as tons of army games for kids and free army games you can play online. Our fascination with these titles comes from the fact we get to shoot, drive tanks, fly planes, and take on our friends across a wide variety of battlefields. With so many titles on offer, we’ve picked out some of the top army games for you to play. See the full list, below.