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Free strategy games

Free strategy games

Pride yourself on your fast thinking capacity and rapid decision-making skills? Those skills are the very abilities needed to make a good strategic gamer.  Strategy games are those games in which the player’s autonomous decisions and immediate logic is critical in determining the outcome of the game.

More often than not, these games feature puzzles and challenges that employ the player's mental capacity and collective team work to determine whether the outcome will be positive or not. This category of games ranges from simulation games, such as online sports, to card games to wargames.

For the avid gamers who like to test their mental abilities, the gaming community holds a plethora of free strategy games. Available both online and offline, for play on consoles or personal computers, the gaming world has genre and settings to suit every player.

To access free strategy games online, one can visit some websites which offer the popular and trending games of the moment for free play. These sites include websites such as, and silver These sites require no registration and no accounts to access the variety of games they have to offer.

If the player feels like a better gaming experience, they can access free strategy games on their mobiles and their PC's. Various games, such as the clash of clans and Trojan wars are available for free download from the respective play stores right onto the user’s personal device, where they can fully immerse themselves in the strategy based gaming.