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Best fantasy games

Best fantasy games

Fantasy games are a play on roleplaying and allow the players to immerse themselves into an alternate world full of aliens, elves and magicians for a few hours. From fulfilling the science fiction category to making the lands of books and movies come to life, fantasy games have something for everyone. These games team up with other genres, such as action and shooting, to create a game that will not only fulfil dreams but also provide a real life experience within that universe.

The better the story of the game, the better it fares within the gaming world. A large array of fantasy games exists within the gaming world, but not every game is up to the mark. The game should be well written, with its story immersive and graphics interactive enough that the player becomes a part of the environment. A few of the best fantasy games are given below, featured and readily accessible on Bananatic.

The anime-inspired Clash of Avatars is browser-based and mythical; an MMORPG brought to you by AMZgame. The game takes ideas from cosplay as well as anime and offers exotic companions, friendly equine, avian and dragos mounts. Clash of Avatars is a fun, entertaining game with a host of battle quests for you to immerse in with your gaming friends and features three classes with sixty avatars. You can play as a Mage, Warrior or Priest, and if you find all the available avatars your attributes will be boosted a lot. Animal Jam is a game which kids can play with their parents. Players may create unique heroes, customise characters and dens. They can also talk with friends, collaborate with others in adventures and find out more about nature and wildlife in general. Blade and Soul offers up to 7 different hero's classes and a developed personalization tool. Creators has designed a gigantic open world which will provide many hours of entertainment. What a task to decide on what to play when these best fantasy titles are on offer!