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Best RPG games

Best RPG games

Role playing games make up most of the gaming world and are the pedestal that the community stands on. Before MMOs and strategy games became the rage, RPGs were the building block on which these genres developed. Even today, RPGs are the common element among all the popular video games. Most RPGs have evolved into MMORPGs, allowing player interaction within the virtual world to improve the gaming experience.

The RPG category is tough to differentiate: all the games today featured at Bananatic are role-playing games when you boil them down to their bare essence. The gaming world classifies RPG games as those which intricate characters that allow the players to become a part of the game itself. These games have intense backstories and lets the players lead a complete life within the game as another character which they can customise and update as they play.

Star Wars the Old Republic is a great example of the RPG category, with players taking on multiple roles within an imaginary, classic space setting and leading the lives of the characters for them from birth until death.  Another RPG game that surpasses the test of time to transform into an RPG legend is Neverwinter, with familiar character categories such as dwarf, wizard or fighter. This game allows players to choose their characters and customise them accordingly, before embarking on epic adventures and challenges.

A masterpiece in the making, Drakensang Online is another game that makes it to the best RPG games list. This game falls into the fantasy genre, but allows the player to immerse themselves into the world fully it projects due to the simultaneous clarity and intricacy that exist within the game.