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  • Smite Is SMITE a good game?

    Smite is a really cool game and is considered one of the best MOBAs in the world. The reason it is rated like this is because of its free download and because it is very unique. There are many different Gods from different pantheons to play with, my personal favorite is Cupid, the Roman God of love,...

  • Smite The only fault of smite

    smite if by all means fun, the only reason it isnt fun sometimes is who you get paired up with, that being someone much better that just talks sh*t all game or someone so bad you just sort of stare at him and wonder how his brain can process information this way. Other than that the mythology is alw...

  • Smite Smite Review. Should you play?

    SMITE. It’s considered one of the best free multiplayer games currently and for good reason. SMITE is a free MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) you can download for your PC, Xbox One or PS4. SMITE is similar to any other MOBA’s you may play(League of Legends, DOTA e.t.c) but with two key differe...