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  • Warface Days' Warface Review

    Hi, Days Tech here! This is my review of a free fps game called Warface. I will split this into 2 categories: User Interface and Gameplay. Lets start with the UI. The UI of the game is rather complicated. You have the co-op missions, versus, special operations and vs. ranked match all in different t...

  • Warface Warface: The best Free to Play FPS.

    When I first began to play, I thought Warface would be a low quality game. I was very wrong. Warface is one of the best Free to Play game on the market, and it is the best Free to Play First Person Shooter. It has a large fan base, many multiplayer modes, and some degree of costumization. In this re...

  • Warface Warface: Good or Bad?

    So I had played the game before I seen it here on Bananatic. I just never really got into it because it never really appealed to me. However, I jumped back into it for the sake of the quest with a rather objective mindset. A little background about me; Ive played PC games, majority FPS games, for ar...

  • Warface Warface The Free To Play Call Of Duty!

    So to start with most people will think how free to play is this game? I can tell you now there is not a lot of items that will give you an insane advantage over any of the other players you are against. Yes, you can buy boots and armor that means you will take less explosive damage and can trigger...