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Garry's Mod (B2P) 8 articles
  • Garry's Mod (B2P) Garry's Mod: Is It Worth the Price?

    Garys Mod is one of the most popular games on the market, and there is a good reason why. From the all time peak of 75 thousand players playing at once, you can tell that this is a popular game. But did it earn its popularity? Garrys Mod $9.99 price tag is (personally) worth it, and here Ill tell yo...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) Garry's Mod, the game with everthing

    Garrys Mod, the game with literally everything. Garrys mod allows for each, individual player to play and create their own maps and game-modes along with joining others on the extensive server list. This means that no matter if your looking for a place to role play as a WW2 soldier, hide as inanimat...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) Garry's mod review 2017

    Garrys mod a sandbox game that can make your imagination come to life kinda not really but it can if you really want it to.This game was released on December 24, 2004 which makes this game 13 years old which is pretty crazy. This game is fun when you play it at first then once you do everything you...

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  • Garry's Mod (B2P) What to do/know/expect once you buy Gmod. (Garry's mod)

    Im gonna be giving you noobies on Gmod on what you should do or know once you buy Garrys mod. First things first youre gonna need Counter: Strike Source the game (C:SS for short). Youre gonna need Counter: Strike Source because its one of the important things if youre gonna join a server because you...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) Garry's Mod is Good and Bad

    Garrys Mod is a good game because of the creativity of yourself and other users. You can create anything imaginable and share it with other users, just like other users can share with you, through Steam Workshop. Maps, Characters, NPCs, inventions, Vehicles, maps and LOADS, LOADS more. Some of my fa...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) Best Sandbox Game(Other than Minecraft)

    this game is one of the best sandbox game other than Minecraft XD. In this game you can do many thing like flying rockets, killing terrorists etc. My favorite at the moment on Garry Mod is TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). In this game you either play as a innocent terrorist (really?!) a detective an...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) The truth behind Garry's mod

    Garrys mod Is a great game where you can play with friends and do what you want. Over the centuries Garrys mod has been considered as one of the all time best sandbox games. The one to stand against the rest. When a beast approached it was garrys mod who provokes it. Garrys Mod was never like other...

  • Garry's Mod (B2P) I Met Garry (The creator of Garry's Mod) On A Star Wars RP Server?!?!

    Garrys Mod (one of my all time favorite games) is just one of those games I keep coming back to. It is different every time I play, this is due to how it was made. And even though it was created by Garry (Who still did an amazing job to come up with this idea and the code behind it all) the communit...