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Chevalier du Dragon (FR) 2 articles
  • Chevalier du Dragon (FR) Ultimate Money Making Guide for GTA Online

    GTA Online is a simple game, but if you really want to afford that new super car that just got released, heres what you need to do. There are many methods and usually the more money you put in to a business the more you get out from it, so it is a profitable investment. That requires you to constant...

  • Chevalier du Dragon (FR) What's the story behind the Gta V characters? (The story)

    If you havent hear of Gta V (We all know what it is.) Its a open world game where you can explore Los Santos, Its like Los Angeles. And you play as the tree characters: Trevor, Michael, and of course Franklin. Michael is the richest of them all, lives in Los Santos in a luxurious house. Franklin liv...