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  • Rust (B2P) Deliciously Unique: Exploring the Culinary World of Cuisine Royale

    A Delectable Review of Cuisine Royale: Exploring the Unique Blend of Battle Royale and Culinary DelightsWhen it comes to the world of battle royale games, Cuisine Royale stands out as an innovative and unique addition to the genre. This game seamlessly combines the thrill of intense PvP battles with...

  • Rust (B2P) Cuisine Royale is game that you need to play

    Cuisine royale is free to play game and i like playing it.This is something like battle royale.but you can wear kitchen things. Its really good game by itself, game has all physics of one battle royale game. In game you have skins and weapons, kill animations and dances. You can buy things in this g...

  • Rust (B2P) My take on Cuisine Royale: ACTUALLY AMAZING

    To be honest, Ive never actually heard of Cuisine Royale outside of bananatic. The only famous battle royales that I hear of are Fortnite, PUBG, and COD. This is why I wasnt really expecting much when I was downloading Cuisine Royale for the first time. My initial impression of the game was that it...

  • Rust (B2P) Cruisine Royale Review

    Cruisine Royale is a truly admiring and enjoyable game having features, that separates from the other battle royales. Its also stable even for slow internet suitable for everyone to enjoy playing. Cruisine Royale has features such as different special abilities, traps, guns, clothing, and even vehic...

  • Rust (B2P) A joke that become a masterpiece

    The life of cuisine royale began as a joke, but it turned into really great battle royale game with exceptional graphics, Also its absoulutely free-to-play, Once you download and start playing the game, youll select an avatar and get launched into one of their maps, And it offers a serious package,...

  • Rust (B2P) Survivng long enough to put your clothes on

    Hi! Im sure youve picked up the bundle of trauma and psychotic breaks known as "Rust", and have since discovered that this game is HARD. Not only is it hard enough to survive the crippling hunger, dehydration and animal attacks, the other players have an inbuilt bloodlust and natural hostility that...

    Fairy Nuff
  • Rust (B2P) How to be good at PVP and tips and tricks.

    Rust is a game all about PVP or get thing the way to get good is going on server like combat tags batterfides and just play the game on high pop servers and try play with a friend or friends and watch some pro when the are play that will help you and always try to to go in open fields get cover and...

  • Rust (B2P) rust experimental review

    rust is just like any other survival game which means is has a competitive edge which means there are bound to be way too many hackers. In my opinion the hackers ruin the game. The anti-cheat is a joke. I tried not to let that take away from the experience of that of rust. but is seems like no matte...

  • Rust (B2P) Rust - and how I (didnt) survive my first day.

    I awoke on a beach, small huts littering the shore line. Immediately to my right, a naked man lay upon the shore. A Stone building behind him hid whatever was in the distance so I decided to take to higher ground to find a nice starting area. I reached high ground and could see nothing but mountains...

  • Rust (B2P) One of the best games ever

    I play rust almost every day, wasting numerous amounts of hours back to back farming, killing, building and laughing. The reason this game is so fun is because its so easy to play, after learning the fundamental basics that is. The game is continuously updated by the dedicated developers, that are r...

  • Rust (B2P) Rust etc - First Impressions

    Rust seems like a game you could spend hours on. It will take a while to settle in and your first few deaths will be devastating. Once you learn the basics and begin to sit back and get the feel of the game youll really appreciate the graphics. The game has stunning water and light visuals and amazi...

  • Rust (B2P) Rust, the next survival game?

    Rust is a survival PvP game, where you can build houses and destroy other peoples homes!! Rust is developed by a company called Facepunch, the company behind other successful games such as Garrys Mod and Trouble in Terrorist Town. The game was given a solid 9/10 on Steam and has sold over 3 MILLION...