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rust experimental review

rust is just like any other survival game which means is has a competitive edge which means there are bound to be way too many hackers. In my opinion the hackers ruin the game. The anti-cheat is a joke.

I tried not to let that take away from the experience of that of rust. but is seems like no matter where i went what i did i was found by a group of 3 or more. i tried reporting them but it did nothing.

It became pretty clear they were hacking cause every time they killed me it was by back to back head shots. Nothing ever happened to them. They are still playing on that server till this day.

I did a little research and found this pic it basically shows you what a hacker sees while hes playing the game. It shows you where everybody is, what they have in their hand and their health it blew my mind on how easy it must be for these people.
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Another big problem in rust is the grouping sizes. I understand playing with your friends. But as soon as a server wipes all i see is groups of 6 and 7 building a huge base. So i try to build as far away from them as possible.
So i go far away from them, then another group of 5 builds right besides me and kills me every time i go and get resources. Downing me and running off screaming "get recked you noob" over and over again. It just isn't fun to me. So i decide to take a break and log off for a hour. I come back and find my base has been raided and they left pics and notes on my sleeping bag cursing me and calling me raciest names.

So i decided to leave the server beacuse it became impossible for me to get a base started again. joined another server this time i got a base started got raided by 1 guy.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In my opinion rust isn't my type of game however the game play is nice, the mechanics are great and all the things you can do are amazing the animals are glitchy and the community is as toxic as they come. I just wished the whole time i was playing that facepunch would just upgrade to battleye already. It seems like facepunch likes it when hackers buy their game, play for a week or 2 then get banned just to go and buy their game again. I honestly think that is what facepunch are doing but if they had battleye they could put a stop to the hacking but they would lose money from people getting banned and re-buying the game. but they could build a stronger game cause new players like myself wouldn't get killed over and over again by people who somehow know where they are the whole time. is in overall im giving rust 7/10
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