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Review of a free to play title called Enlisted

Game Enlisted takes place in WW2. It is a free to play first person shooter. It was developed by Gaijin, the developers behind War Thunder. The game is basically a military simulation, where all rifles kill in one shot most of the time.

The gameplay

Like i said, it is a military simuation, so ttk is very fast.

The matchmaking modes are: squads and lone fighter.

In squads you spawn with an AI squad of frendly solders. They follow you around and if you die you can take control of your squadmate and just play with surviving squadmates. If your entire squad dies you spawn with a new squad.

In lone fighter you spawn with a single solder from a squad that you selected. You play with that solder until you die, and after you die you cant use that solder anymore for that battle.

You also have four game modes those being: Conquest, Invasion, Assault and Destruction.

Conquest is a game mode where you have to control three point on the map. You have to control two points to damage the enemy teams tickets.

By playing this game you can get 25100 Play

Invasion is a game mode where the attackers have to attack a series of five points one by one and defenders have to defend those points. Once the point falls defenders have to retreat to the next point. The game ends when the attackers lose there reinforcements (1000 men including AI), or defenders lose all of there points.

Assault is similar to invasion. Except there are now two points to attack or defend, depending on which side you are playing. There is the same number of reinforcements of 1000 men with AI included.

Destruction is the same as assault and invasion but instead of capturing points you have to place a bomb on a site or two sites and defend it against the defenders, while defenders have to hold the points or if the bomb is planted they have to defuse the bomb.

You also have a practice mode and a tutorial level which explanes the mechanics of the game from controling the tanks to using engineers and just the basics,

By playing this game you can get 30850 Play

Enlisted uses a logistics system, where you have tickets with diffrent quality: bronze, silver and gold.

When you use a bronze ticket you get a random weapon with random quality.

Silver is used to get a specific unlocked weapon.

Gold is for heroes of theaters and special weapones.

The game has theaters of war. There are currently 4 theaters of war. Battle of Moscow, Battle of Normandy, Battle of Tunisia and Battle of Berlin. In each theatre you have two sides, axis and allies.

You progress through the game by playing either side and gaining xp to unlock new weapons, tanks etc.

However unless you have premium, the progress is really slow after the first 5 or 6 levels. It is Gaijins way to make you pay 10e for a month of premium. With premium you have 100% boost of xp, so you earn levels quicker. You can also buy premium squads and tanks. So for me it is kind of a p2w game.


Enlisted is a new game, it is still in beta. But it is free to play and i believe that it is worth a try. It is very fun to play with friends and talk in discord. It does have a p2w element to it but you dont have to pay for anything, it is just a grind to do.

5.0 (1)
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