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Tokyo Chronos Vr review

Tokyo Chronos is a pick your path story game. The plot of the game appears to be a simple mystery game at first but only increases in complexity as you delve into the Chronos world. You get to meet a wide cast of characters that you once knew as you try to regain your memory's to solve a murder case and escape this world in one piece by discovering the killer. However when everyone there is hiding secrets this is not as easy as it seems. This game is story based so if you do not speak Japanese there will be a lot of reading involved via the English subtitles. However you do not need to press the buttons to at least thanks to the auto play button. Due to the heavy dialogue content however it is closer to a interactive story than a game. This means it has a very long playtime no matter your gaming experience so if you are a busy gamer this game may not be for you. It is full price and can be found on steam, play station or vr. Today I will be reviewing the game based on my experience using the oculus quest 2, keep that in mind as different platforms may play slightly differently.

First I would like to compliment the game for all the pros it contains. the game has a very fleshed out selection of characters with very anime like graphics that are quite appealing. This is also enhanced by a very good soundtrack especially in the end credits. It also has a incredible replay value as each character has their own personal route as well as the true ending. A good post game is not seen in many story games so this is quite a appealing and unique benefit to this game. Particularly when playing in vr; the story while a bit dialogue heavy is very engaging but I do wish there was a bit more choices to be made and action scenes. As for age range I wouldn't not recommend this game to anyone below the teenage years as it involves murder and overall disturbing content at times. However while there is some romance there are no sexual scenes so that is not a concern here. The other major benefit I found when playing is the benefit to save the game at any time and the autosave. This means if like me you forget to charge your headset and it dies you will not lose a lot of progress.

As for the cons there are not many but the ones they have can be major turn offs for many. The main one being the previously mentioned excessive amount of dialogue in parts. While this can be skipped over you then miss parts of the story which isn't ideal however at times it can be a bit boring especially if you are more interested in action which in that case I may recommend skipping this game. The other complaint I have is some scenes you get very close to other characters. While the graphics are fine and very well done it can be a bit claustrophobic and unnerving, especially if you dislike the character in question. Besides that in my opinion it is not the best game ever and may be a bit overpriced for it's thrill but it makes up for this in content and clear effort from the creators. If the game was on sale however or in a bundle I would highly recommend purchasing it. To conclude Tokyo Chronos is a interactive story that is mysterious but very dialogue heavy, if this interests you I would recommend you buy it in a bundle or sale otherwise this game may not be to your taste or your wallets as there are many other interactive stories for a more reasonable price.

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