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To my mind Arma so good game for child

I really liked 2nd arm. I played the single and had a lot of fun, despite the brakes and lags, I thought that someday they would fix it. Part 3 came out 4 years ago. And here all the same sores, or rather much worse. AI is just tin. He shoots like a sniper, sees through the grass, but he is so stupid that I never once sat behind cover, threw a grenade at me or tried to go around from behind. A single is just awful, a friendly AI goes to the city across the field and dies under bullets, and you reach the city bypassing all this nonsense from the side, but you understand that you can't be a rembo here ... Arma 3 is a very lively game and is still evolving. Developers constantly release add-ons that bring new mechanics, and thousands of new publications appear on the pages of mod sites. Frankly, I was waiting for this hardcore war simulator, and however, I got what I wanted, everything looks really beautiful here, the animation is excellent, the ragdoll has appeared, the gameplay is complex and interesting, you can drive vehicles, fly an airplane, run on foot, or ride your ass, this is realism.

Excellent as a simulator. The graphics are good. The optimization is terrible. The engine is disgusting. The gameplay is leisurely (the simulator is the same), in some missions you can run for 15 minutes to the destination point, and then get stuck with your heel in a stone or fall through the textures . The best military simulator. there are also a lot of techniques .. and a lot of different mods, there are even survival mods where you fight against zombies along with other players. there is even an assembly like Arma2 in it bmp and bmd and armored personnel carriers .. as well as mi-28 mi-8 and a lot of things .there are also mods with tigers Royal tigers panthers t-34 of various modifications and all this is in the spirit of World War II, including different types of air defense and a couple of well-known aircraft, and the well-known Katyusha. Bohemians tightened physics, graphics and optimization, but the game became worse than the 2nd part. Why go into the future, we are so used to the conflict between the West (America) and the East (Russia). The developers themselves have instilled this pattern in us, and here the future is on you. As in my opinion, the Bohemians chased modern action shooters, a la Call of Duty and Battlefield, and you can't cook up action on the simulator engine. The simulator must remain a simulator.

:( It is a pity that a project like ArmA II does not receive further development -by fine-tuning the best and unique, different from other games: -this is the idea of ​​getting as close to reality as possible. passes - crawls through the walls, or vice versa, you fall through the floor, or for no reason spontaneously the speed of movement begins to increase many times, etc.) What is the matter ?! money-hungry hucksters and politicians ?! The quality of the graphics suited me personally, as well as the magnificent music, huge landscapes. I have been playing Bohemia Interactive games with Operation Flashpoint and I can say that I don't remember any more games that are so multifaceted, but at the same time interesting and realistic. And the control is voluminous, yes, but it is worth considering that this is a simulator and how many different vital actions there are. Eight for a weak variety of techniques, but I hope that this will be fixed.I've never seen such nonsense. Let's start with the fact that you dance with tambourines during installation (tried different discs 3 times), then more - everything hangs when the game is loaded (the computer is powerful, all the software is updated) 15 minutes pass - AND GOD FINALLY, we go into the training buttons (which you are forced to press) are triggered every other time, the view is a free camera and from 3 persons - does not work.

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