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Boom street review, what is this!?

Boom street or otherwise known as fortune street in European countries is a board style game that is very much a mix between a Mario party and a monopoly. It is a game that like all Mario games in the series is safe for all ages, it is also very much fun for the family as there is room for up to four players. Sadly however this game is only available for the Wii and useable on the Wii U, if you do not have these appliances you are sadly out of luck. For core gameplay it is relatively simple you choose whether you want to play solo or how many members play and then choose a board and characters and get to the game. There are two primary modes to the game classic mode and simple mode. In simple mode it is like the name suggests a bit more simple. As for the classic mode it introduces the theory of stocks and special customizable shops, this is a very unique mechanic but may be hard for younger children to grasp so I would only recommend this mode for older children who will be able to enjoy it.

As for my personal opinions on this game i very much enjoyed it. It is very much like monopoly in that you have to go around the board and collect suits and return to the bank to get money. However there are quite a few more interesting elements. First things first the suit spaces give you the option to pick a card that can help, harm or just affect the game neutrally; this is very much representative of a chance or community chest card in monopoly. One thing I also feel is worth mentioning is the option to buy a player out by force also adds a fun element and gives people a opportunity to really knock a opponent down a peg. Also one more compliment I must give the creators is the sheer variety of not only characters to choose from but also options of boards to use. This game really is fun either solo or in a multiplayer setting, however due to repetitive dialogue that can't be skipped I would say if an option multiplayer may be your best bet when deciding to pick up and play this game.

Overall this game is a solid example of what all electronic board games should aspire to be. I very much think this game is deserving of an import onto the Nintendo switch and switch lite respectively, however I would tweak it somewhat. Firstly I would give the game a online option as it is often the case with board style games that you are playing solo. Besides this however and maybe diversifying the character lines and giving a option to speed up their turns I have very little I would change. The game also however may be aided with the addition of a few more minigames just to help engage younger children. To summarize while it is not a perfect game it is certainly above par for a game of it's age, if you have the console to play the game it has certainly aged well. It has a lot of variety and managed to be just as enjoyable as new feeling even after many replays of the game. I would certainly give this game my seal of approval and recommend this game especially to any family's looking for a fun game for all.

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