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MY goodgame STORY empire, helping you :D

Hi! I am Kristóf and I am sending this article from Hungary to you!

First, why did I start playing, this is a good question. My friends called me to play, but we were still lame enough. We started to develop. We established an alliance on a small level, which I do not recommend. You'd rather join a larger alliance because they'll help you, you can even ask for resources from others. First, make the tutorial. Then you can went into the real online life that goes there.It's a great game, I've been playing with it for two years. First, always try to do the tasks. If you reach a higher level and enter an acceptable and helpful alliance, not everything will go as the game instructs. Always ask. Ask for free. Never attack strangers until you talk to your covenant. Even if the task also asks, it shouldn't be, because the enemy's alliance is smoothly smacked by anyone who has a covenant with whom he is in the pact. I think, pact, acquaintance between alliances is important, sometimes they need informers to do the best.

In this picture you can find the federal system. On the left you can help others, and you see your active help requests, while in the other pictures you can ask for help, usually the alliance is represented by two handcuffs, or it contains a combination of red and green. It is important to know that there is 10 help for an improvised federal fire. While others need 3. There is also a federal cashier, from which the federal leader can receive bonuses, and hence there are ranks in the alliance. Everyone will be a beginner, a rookie, and then a sergeant, and any other senior deputy.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Second, look a little out of the castle and look at the situation between the empires.

There are always different events. Many times aliens or nomads come. In this case you can earn a glory without risk. (Glory Point: Divide people into grades, and the more glory you have, the higher your rank. These ranks include gifts such as many rubies. Or less time to recruit a particular soldier.) So, there is a leaderboard that presents gifts hides. Only long-distance soldiers need to be recruited, because as you advance on these rankings, you will receive both close combat and defense. We never recruit a protector. The course of the attack: In the first wave we put 1-1-1 soldiers to pick up bombs and others. At the other waves, you hit the automatic upload and solve the machine for you. However, it is not over yet, because the machine has put up your soldiers and a few tools, it may not be enough. You always have to place your equipment, aliens, good if you put a ponytail flag, because it greatly increases the glory. That's not the case with nomads at all. There they have to spy there first, then there are two wings left and right, but there is the middle too. We always put a soldier in the middle and use the tactics that take the 1-1-1 bomb. Then We always put a soldier in the middle and use the tactics that take the 1-1-1 bomb. Then, in the second wave, where there are more soldiers or more force, we don't have any soldiers there, while the other wing and the middle are filled with the same tools. It has always proven to be a good thing to use tactics.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Thirdly, the robber Barons.
You don't have to talk much about robbery bars, they're just there, asking to attack them, so we're attacking, but it doesn't seem to make any sense. In fact, if your robbery bar is already high enough and you lack anything, you can attack robberies, for example, when you have no money, because unfortunately money cannot be sent to each other within the game. You can find valuable equipment you can put on your drivers. These equipment can give a lot of bonuses, whether the commanders reach their destination faster, and the army, whether something or someone strengthens it, encourages you to gain a great advantage. You can also put precious gems into these equipment, which will also increase many bonuses.

I hope I was able to help you, and since English is not my mother tongue, the translation may be a bit weird, Sorry about that. Good luck for the newcomers, although this description is more about advanced players.

Bye, Kristóf, From Hungary! Have a great day!

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