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Parkour Tips And Tricks Minecraft!

Hey there!This is my 2nd official tutorial guide on MC.Hope you like it, this is about Parkour Tips.

Want to be good at parkour but can't do it? Don't feel down, I never got it on my first try either.It took me almost 1 and a half years to be able to master 4-blocks and ladder jumps properly.I will be showing you some handy tips to use when doing parkour.

#1 Maintain Your Position!
Yes.Keep a steady position and aim for the right angle for the jump.A 3 block jump going 1 block up is fairly difficult, but with the right angle, it can easily be done.A lot of people believe in the myth to look down and jump if you can't do a jump.This is not true.In fact, I have been researching and it will actually damage your chances!A better position to look when doing a jump is up. It increases your chances.You might get annoyed while looking up because you won't know when to jump because you can't look at the block underneath you.So only do this if you are comfortable with this.Otherwise, you can look down, but don't look COMPLETELY down as that is bad.Look down as much as the player in the picture below is.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#2: Get momentum and focus!
Just by looking at the sub-title above you might think I will just talk about how to focus.No, actually momentum in parkour is a different concept a lot of people don't know about.To do a far jump you need to sprint, right?When you sprint jump to land and keep jumping, you get 20% faster.This will help you do other jumps.This is especially helpful for doing 4-block jumps in a row.Sprint, jump land and keep jumping.This will allow you to keep your momentum because as you stop, The 20% extra speed-buff is lost and cannot be regained unless you do the steps again.

#3: Customize your settings!
Yes, I also mentioned this in my, PvP tips Bananapedia.Go to your settings and customize mainly your movement settings.Explore around the different settings until you find a menu that you like.Mainly focus on the "View-Bobbing" option as it is crucial to your focus.Find it and flip it off.Now you will see that whenever you move the screen does not bob and rock back and forth, up and down.Don't go too crazy about getting a high FPS just make sure that it is fast enough to do jumps smoothly.The other thing is your FOV.This is your Field Of View or how far out/in you can see.Turn this to the highest option.It greatly helps to do jumps.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#3 Practice and Repeat!
Like any other thing, practice, practice, practice!Nobody said this was going to be easy, and nobody is perfect.Download some maps that are parkour based.Just Jump is the best map that I know.It has 100 stages and takes about 7-8 hours to complete the whole thing.It tests all of your skills like ladder jumps and 4-blocks.For an added challenge I would like to propose that someone try to complete stage 99 of this map in survival mode.It is impossible, and no one has done it before.Try going on multiplayer servers and doing some minigames or just create a parkour course in survival and do it.Practice the ladder jumps especially because those can be very tricky and annoying.I forgot to mention how to do them almost. You basically jump at the ladder and crouch.Crouching is a very important step because for far ladder jumps people tend to slip off even when grabbing the ladder.
That's all for this tutorial I hope you liked it please like and share and comment I appreciate your feedback.
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