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Dead by Daylight — Latest Updates

Dead by Daylight has been one of the most popular horror games for around a decade. Although the horror aspect of the game is slowly dissipating for many players, new users still find the thrill here and there. Add to that, jumpscare Myers is always around to keep us on our toes.

Developers are also always on the lookout for more and better updates to publish to the community. This can be seen through the vital changes recently done to Dead Hard, Iron Will, Ruin, NOED, and plenty of others... The previously OP (overpowered) perks now got 'nerfed'. Depending on players, some 'nerfs' didn't really land where they should have.

Starting with Dead Hard, and while it is true that it is now difficult to hit it on time, it does save you when you get hit. As for Iron Will, running Ace with it kind of still has the same effect. On the other hand, Ruin and NOED got serious nerfs to the delights of the survivors. That isn't to say that every survivor enjoyed them.

While some were overjoyed, others were upset at how unbalanced the game is yet again, especially with Borrowed Time becoming a base-kit. 'Survivor-sided' is the term usually used. To this, others usually point out how the description of the game itself says 'asymmetric'. Nevertheless, players are still following the game and the beloved characters.

Recently, DBD released a new chapter: Resident Evil Project W. With it came a new killer: Wesker. The new survivors are Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Sheva, and Carlos were added as Cosmetics for Jill and Leon, respectively. Moreover, the RDP Map got split into two: West Wing and East Wing.

With these new characters came some seriously strong perks, such as Reassurance and Wire Tap. The former grants additional time to the hooked survivor, while the latter reveals the aura of the killer once in the radius of the generator. As for Wesker, Awakened Awareness grants him the ability to see the aura of closeby survivors when carrying one.

While players are enjoying these new chapters, the developers are still planning for future releases. Just a few days ago, they shared a developer update post. They explained how the Mori system will change soon. Basically, if you are the last person standing, while the others are either dead, on the ground, or hooked, it will trigger the 'last standing' event. During this time, both parties will have a bigger FOV (field of view). If you go down, the game will go into cinematic Mori and everyone will get killed by the entity.

However, to try and 'balance' this event, survivors will be able to pick themselves up with no additional perk after 45 seconds. This time will be affected by recovery speed perks, making some known and loved perks semi-useless— honorary mention to Unbreakable and Boon: Exponential. The former will get an insane buff: a recovery speed of 100% faster. The latter's faith is yet to be known.

Many players have expressed their fears and annoyance with the upcoming system. The main complaint was from both sides: Killers were incredibly nerfed and survivors now find it very easy to escape and win.

The PTB for these updates goes live next week. If you are interested, make sure to check it out and leave a comment about your thoughts!

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