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Octopath travellers review

Octopath travellers is a adventure game with elements that are similar to a dungeon crawler. The closet popular franchise that it could be compared to is Pokémon. The premise of the game managed to be very much like it's graphics being simple yet complex at once. There are eight choices for protagonist as the name suggests which gives it a huge amount of replay value. Each character is unique with their own backstory, personality and skill set. Of course this allows for a community to be built around people who either really like or dislike characters in the set. A nice addition however is even if someone is not chose as your protagonist you still get glimpses of their story as you travel. There is also a lot to be done in this game as a whole. Today I will be discussing the wide range of things to do within the game as well as the mechanics that I feel are very much essential and useful to the player and ones that may of been better if they were either altered somehow or removed entirely.

The game is free roam meaning you can travel almost anywhere on the map at will. However this can take some time as there is no way to avoid monster encounters or teleport to previously seen cities. Speaking of cities they are very helpful as you can fully heal your HP and SP for s cheap price at the inns as well as purchase items and weaponry. Adding onto this each character has their own skill set many relating to the townspeople. Some can guide or seduce people into assisting you when you leave the town or allow you to get more items in the way of stealing or getting discounts; others can also provide you wish experience or even to temporality summon monsters that have been captured to your aid. Each character also comes with unique special abilities and weapons to attack with. This is very useful as each enemy type you encounter on your travels will have a set of different weaknesses requiring different attacks and characters to help beat them in combat. As you can see this game is a very long gameplay even for those who are experienced so if you do not have the time I would recommend skipping this game.

There is also a wide variety of boss battles that relate to certain characters plot. These can be quite difficult at times especially the first attempt when you have not identified their weaknesses yet. For this reason I would recommend you use a walkthrough to help guide you if you are inexperienced with this game genre. As for age range it is a game that I would say is suitable for teens and older as the age says as there is some swearing as well as dark themes such as murder and heavily implied prostitution. There is also the issue of the difficulty of the game as younger kids will very much struggle to play the game. As for the graphics as previously mentioned they are simple and complex which is very appealing, they are the perfect mix of cartoon and realistic. This is complimented by a very ambient and soothing soundtrack in almost all areas of the map you travel to. To conclude Octopath Travelers is a golden example of what many adventure games should be for it's plot and freedom to explore, I would recommend this game to any teen or older who feels they are experienced enough fir the adventures ahead.

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