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Sacred Saga Online
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My experience with CSGO

This game took hours and hours of my life. I am playing a lot these days, and always get very bad teammates. It is so hard to rank up, and game is full of cheaters. Valve really need to improve their anti-cheat system, in 1 of 3 games there is at least one cheater. And getting skins through game is very hard, plus you need to be very, very lucky. It is almost unplayable without full team, and that delay on matchmaking servers is so unreal. They should contact Faceit creators, and use their anti-cheat system. Probably will recommend game for others, because I am addicted to it. Play it on your own, and try to be better from game to game. Don't look for cheats, it really isn't funny and enjoyable. Unpopular opinion, the crate system is amazing in it's current implementation. It's completely cosmetic and will give you zero competitive advantage, it is completely optional if you want a particular skin or item, and it has created a market so large that has funded a majority of our content today, from sponsored YouTube's to majors and tournaments.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The scene is in a really bad state right now. A lot of teams need to make roster changes but aren’t doing so. And the teams that are making roster changes, are making really bad ones (FaZe, Big, Mibr).

It just feels like there’s a ton of players that shouldn’t be on the teams that they’re on, and a few players that really need to retire. Analysts say that the scene is super competitive and anyone can beat anyone, but I think it’s more of the top teams being super inconsistent.

Overall, the pro scene has been going downhill since late 2017.

I have a few about cheating and F2P:

The F2P update is a disaster and has ruined community servers. The reason we don't hear about this is that a vocal minority with old, high trust factor accounts who play MM or ESEA/Faceit mostly dictate any discussion of this topic.
Trust factor is bad because it doesn't solve the cheating issue for many players. It represents a cop-out by Valve more than a legitimate solution to cheating in CSGO.
As Valve rakes in millions from the F2P update, community members are doing literal work to remove cheaters from the game. Keeping the game cheater free is Valve's job.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Their boxes are so, so unreal. Odds that you will get something worth is near to zero. And ranking system is so unreal. You can play really good and win a lot of games, but you won't know when will you rank up. They should add some type of counting points or something that will help players to know when will they rank up. Servers need to be better, pings are rarely good and tick rate should be 128 ticks. They need to give more free skins and boxes. And also need to improve odds for getting something worth. At the end of this article, I want to say that CSGO isn't that much fun. Yes, I am addicted to the game, because I am playing with my friends, but don't ever play solo matchmaking. Also Wingman ranks are so broken, first of all you can't get rank up, and there is same problem as competitive matchmaking. You DON'T know when you are getting rank up. And when they mix players, if you decide to play solo, it is so, so random. And last, but not least. YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF SCAMS. Steam don't want to give you back your skins, even if you send who took it and prove that skins are yours. They don't even ban scammers. So game is addictive, but need so much updates!

5.0 (2)
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