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Venturing around The Spiral with a goal to conqueror most, if not all of its challenges on your own will NOT be an easy challenge at all. If you reading this and are seeking knowledge on the best techniques to begin playing Wizard101 solo, be prepared to endure the tough, unforgiving challenges that may await ahead.

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When faced against a difficult enemy (mob or boss), always try to allow yourself to get the first turn. Going first in battle will always make your battles easier since you will get the first turn and can use your spells before your enemies. (You wouldn’t want to be using healing spell after a boss is about to attack and defeat you right?) If you enter a boss battle by entering a sigil and you are going second, exit to the character selection screen then enter the game again and enter the boss battle once more. If you are in a dungeon then it is recommended that you flee the dungeon instead to prevent losing your progress and return as soon as possible. Keep doing this until you are finally going first.

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There’s no guarantee that you’ll beat certain bosses, dungeons or any other challenge on your first attempt. Be prepared to fail at least once, if not multiple times before you finally have the solution to defeat a difficult boss or dungeon.

Myth wizards are usually the best when it comes to fighting alone. They can summon minions to aid them in battle, making things much easier for them. As they reach higher levels, they will gain access to stronger minions with more health and a better set of spells. Myth wizards do however, run the risk of losing any damage boosts placed on the enemy when summoning a minion.

Balance wizards have the largest variety of spells out of all schools of magic. They can participate as supporters or damage dealers. Their spells are universal meaning they can be used by any school of magic! A balance wizard’s attacks are unique as there are very few shields can block their damage. They can even use magic from every school of magic but at a much smaller degree. Wizards from the school of balance will carry the most arsenal of spells but this school is quite difficult to master.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Battles will take the longest to finish when you are playing by yourself. You’ll have to make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands and plenty of patience to stay focused on the challenges that you are faced with!

Ice wizards are very sturdy! They have the highest amount of health and resistances out of all schools of magic making them tough opponents who can last long in battle! Some attacks from ice wizards can stun enemies, forcing them to pass on their turn. They can even use Tower Shields, a spell that can reduce incoming damage from ANY school of magic. Ice wizards however, are weak when attacking.

Life wizards have magic that is based around supporting other players and themselves. They can restore lost health in multiple different ways and can remove any damage-over-time effects from other players and themselves. Life wizards however, lack a variety of attack spells and may have a hard time dealing with mobs and bosses during battle.

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