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Super Mario galaxy review

Super Mario Galaxy is an infamous game in the Super Mario series of games. It was originally created for the Wii but has been imported onto the Nintendo switch unchanged as a part of the Super Mario 3D all stars game for the full price of a switch game. Today I will be reviewing the game based on the switch controls and giving my thoughts on everything from the gameplay to the plot and details of it that interest and or annoy me as a avid Mario fan. This game is suitable for all ages to play as younger game fans will not struggle much after a bit of practice. There is a option for a second player but that second player is a luma and while adorable can do nothing more than collect star bits so I would highly recommend playing this game solo. If you are looking for a full completion run then it may take you a bit longer than the average Mario game however not by much. There is a lot to unpack in this game as it is quite unique compared to its previous older games so if you are interested please read on.

This game starts with the repetitive old as time plot of Princess Peach getting kidnapped and Mario must travel the galaxy collecting power stars to save the princess with the help of a space princess called Rosalina. This game is partly so popular as it is responsible for Rosalina's introduction however while playing a vital role she is more of a sensei like character instead of a relevant to the actual gameplay character like luigi or captain toad. There are a handful of main rooms that contain the galaxies that you unlock more of as you beat previous galaxies and collect their stars. There is a lot of boss battles in this game so if you enjoy the boss battles this game would be your preferred taste of the Mario selection. The game also has some powerups you don't really see in other games for better or worse as while some are really cool and fun to use some are very hard to control and more of a pain to use than a fun twist to a level. Speaking of levels I must give my compliments to the designer team as each island is unique and wonderful to the eyes and ears with their unique soundtracks.

This game also has the unique qualities of hungry lumas that you feed star bits to unlock special levels. As well as comets, these are challenge levels made to test your skills in the game and should not be attempted until you gain some experience playing the game (and have a high rage tolerance.) They differ in how they work some leaving you with one hit point or putting you on strict time limits or even making you race against a shadow AI, while extremely fun they can be very tough to best so be prepared with plenty of lives handy. The lobby or planet you are on between levels is also fun to run around and while I personally prefer it in the sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 it is still very fun and beautiful like everything else in the game. Despite the occasional annoying mechanic here and there overall Mario Galaxy is one of my personal Mario games of choice when looking for some platforming fun and while there are parts that may be irritating it is worth the full price especially with the other two games added in.

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