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ROBLOX is a very Fun Game, Now you can earn FREE ROBUX by creating games. For me, the game is pretty simple. There are very addicting games that you can enjoy

there are some GAMES that is currently tending on the Roblox Website

here are the games that is currently TRENDING and has been played by MANY:

1.) ADOPT ME - It is a game where you can Adopt Pets, Design your Home, And Explore more in the Adoptation Island. ADOPTATION ISLAND Is the name of the Island that you are playing on. I Have Not yet played this game, but the help of Youtubers i know how this play this Game. If you searched on Youtube "Adopt Me" Most of them will be about how to trade. But the DEVELOPER said that "Do Not Trade unless you know" or do you believe in him/her, because They CAN'T FIX these scams so WATCH OUT!!!

These are the list of Youtubers who play ROBLOX ADOPT ME:

1.) MeganPlays Roblox

2.) iamSanna

3.) XanderPlaysThis

4.) DanTDM

5.) Brianna

6.) Prezley

And if there are more Youtubers who play ADOPT ME then feel free to like and comment on this article

PHOTO WAS NOT ORIGINALLY FROM ME!! or to see photo go to ROBLOX.COM then search Adopt Me in Games

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

2.) PIGGY [ALPHA] - *This game is currently in test mode* Piggy is a game where there are 6 Players and they have to choose a map and a mode, there are currently 5 Modes in this game, but only 4 will show up, There are these modes such as Bot, where there will be only 1 computer, Another is the Player where only 1 player will be the Piggy chosen randomly. Next is the Player + Bot where a player will be chosen randomly to be the Piggy and a bot will join the game, Next mode is the Infection, this mode is also called the Hardest Mode where there will be a Piggy whoever gets caught by Piggy will be Infected and there will be two piggies until all are infected so try to outrun the piggy and not to be caught. Final mode is the Traitor, where there is a Piggy, the Piggy will be the bot and there will be a player randomly chosen, who will not look like piggy but the character itself who will have a knife and traps it's goal will kill players without players knowing that he/she is the traitor.

The Game is Simple, whatever mode is it, There will be Certain Items in the place Collect Them before the 10 minute mark ends and Not to be Captured by Piggy or the Bot, Then the Players Will Win, Piggy will Win if the Players did not finish it on time or All of them have been killed/captured. There are currently 11 Chapters, if not, there will be a Chapter 12.

Here are Youtubers that played this game you can search for them:

1.) Bigbst4tz2

2.) Thinknoodles

3.) Flamingo

4.) DanTDM

5.) Denis

6.) Kindly Keyin

And if there are more Youtubers who play PIGGY [ALPHA] then feel free to like and comment on this article

PHOTO WAS NOT ORIGINALLY FROM ME!! or to see photo go to ROBLOX.COM then search Piggy in Games

By playing this game you can get 100 Play


I Have not Played this game, But far off this game is the 3rd most played in this current time. This game is similar to Work At A Pizza Place but this game Costs Robux pay up to 25 Robux to gain access to this game, This is just all about Work, Gain Money, Design and Decorate your Beautiful House, Own Cars and Vehicles to Drive you away, Play with lots of fun, Explore more in The City Of BloxBurg.

You can also play WORK AT A PIZZA PLACE. Where there is a Manager, Cashier, Cook, Pizza Boxer, Delivery, and Supplier, the On break is when somebody will not earn money just to decorate their house. The Manager has 4 commands he/she can apply to a player, first is the "PUT BACK TO WORK" where the Player will be Putted back to the place where he was working on so if he is a cashier, applied the command, he will be putted back where the cashier place is. Next Command is the "GIVE BONUS" The player targeted by the manager will get a bonus check, the Person will be gifted a surprisingly 150 currency *Not Robux* to add onto it's wallet. Next Command is the "Make Employee of the Day" this gives the player its icon will be placed in a picture frame on the wall. Next is "Vote For Ban" where the player targeted by the Manager will be the one who will get the kick out in the server, Players will be notified if the player will be kicked out on the server or it will stay. Final Command is the "Quit My Job" It Forces you to be out of your manager Job and other players might get the job. There is a Remove Manager beside the Manager's office if it reaches 8 votes it forces the Manager lose it's job, other roles can be played from the game Itself

Youtubers who played Work at A Pizza Place or Welcome to Bloxburg [BETA]:

1.) Poke

2.) Denis

3.) DanTDM

4.) VuxVux

5.) PeetahBread

6.) Ant

7.) GamingWithJen

8.) Moose Roblox

9.) ItsFunneh

10.) EthanGamer

And if there are more Youtubers who play WELCOME TO BLOXBURG AND WORK AT A PIZZA PLACE then feel free to like and comment on this article

To Play This Game Go to Roblox-Search-Welcome To Bloxburg-The Creator is Coeptus

Or Roblox-Search-Work At A Pizza Place-The Creator is Dued1

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