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Sacred Saga Online
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Counter-Strike: Silver Offensive

I think we can all agree that CS 1.6 was the best Counter Strike game era, but I tell you, CS:GO has it's own place in my heart. There's just something about the game besides the clearly, more superior graphics, that hits me. Maybe it's the steam that comes out of your ears when your teammates rush with force bought equipments and die one by one easily, or maybe it's the russian kids who spam their mics saying CYKA BLYAT while you're in a clutch situation. Or is it tilting your enemies by using the most ridiculous weapons you could choose, be it the silver-favorite Negev, The irritating R8, or the Swag-7, Whatever it is that makes you keep coming back. I think CS:GO has it's own unique flavor you'd fall in love with and soon, be addicted to. Besides the graphics, gameplay and the weapons, one other thing the people love about CS:GO are the skins, and the economy built around it. Skins are obtainable through drops or opening cases and both skins and cases can be traded from player to player.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now, You've just started playing the game, you're clueless as to how the economy(The in-game economy and not the economy built around CS:GO skins) or how hectic the game play is from CS 1.6 or maybe you've already gotten the hang of it and you're ranked in matchmaking, Congratulations! You have made it to silver. From here on out, it will be a living hell unless you take it a step further and improve yourself instead of depending on your teammates(regardless if you're solo-queueing or playing with friends), Here are some tips to help you become a better CS:GO Player(And hopefully, help you get out of silver).

But before the tips, here are some quick information you might find useful;

The In-Game Economy(The economy you use to buy weapons through rounds) was given a rework from CSS, And you should pay attention to this. Economy is detrimental to winning rounds, because it defines what kind of weapons you'll be able to work with during that round. It's common knowledge that after the first round(Which is also known as the "Pistol Round") there should be an Eco Round, which is basically trying to build up your economy to buy rifles on the next round because you wouldn't want to go to aim duels with SMGs against Rifles on the other side. So you just buy a better pistol and not buy any equipment or just one or two flashbangs for the whole team.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

1. Practice your aim, There are numerous amounts of maps that you can practice on your aiming skills. Enhance your aim, don't be that guy that has potato aim.

2. Practice your utilities, CSGO is a strategic game, you don't just run and gun, you have learn how to strategize and implement proper usage of utilities to help you.

3. Communicate, Don't be that guy that dies in a certain spot and just doesn't say anything, making their other teammates die. Learn to cooperate and communicate with your teammates, they'll be your family for the rest of the match.

4. Warm up, I've seen this again and again from friends, don' jump into a competitive matchmaking game without proper warm up. Because you'll probably just go all over the place. Warm up is essential to get your muscle memory going.

5. Play with friends, Solo queueing is a huge problem, you have no idea how much you can rely and trust on them, and they will probably don't do what they're supposed to do and go by their own way, it's better to play with people that compliment your play style as yours compliment theirs.

As long as you try to do all on the list, And abide by these points. Hopefully, you'll get out of the living hell, that is silver.

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