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My reviews to Akinator!

Akinator is such a really fun game to play! I mean like it can guess almost everything you have on your my mind!! Is it a person? Is it an animal? Who knows what you could think of!? Whatever it is Akinator can and will solve it! His accuracy is literally 95% over a 100? Its super cool to have a cpu guess what and/or who you are thinking of! Akinator is my favorite game to play when I am bored and lonely! When your friends are busy and gone? Akinator knows you are thinking about them! So many questions, So many People! But akinator will help you in all of that! I have seen so many youtubers try to beat him! But most of them were defeated by the great Akinator! But unfortunatly he was beaten couple of times or maybe hundreds...But that wont stop me into stop playing with him. He has alot of my favorite characters like people from games like rusty lake, rpg gaming and even in animes like My hero acadamia, Naruto bleach and even in Hunter x Hunter! Akinator has different types of people and things like imprinted into his brain!!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

What bums me the most is that Akinator is not available offline :(. If I ever wished to change something in this game, I would want to change akinator from online to offline! Now everywhere you go you can have a friend to play and have fun with! I know that there are a lot of people who want Akinator as an offline game and app! I dont want this for myself...I want it for all the people in the world! Everyone could play akinator online! some of my friends said that if akinator was offline all his installations will be multiplied by 2!! I would heavilly agree with them! Maybe Akinator could be famous again! He was famous before in the somewhere in 2012 or 2014...But i have stayed with akintaor for so long..Could have been my oldest app on my phone!!! I miss the good old days when he was very famous! I am proud for the developers with this amazing magination and creation of theirs! We dont deserve this amazing game! Imagine how long this took them to create and Release! And even until now they are still updating.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Everytime when I could not play games with my sister or brother...Even my own family, I would go to some games but they wouldnt cheer me up so much like how akinator cheers me up...Its weird to say but its true for me but I feel like Akinator is like a bestfriend to me.. But what i think is that he is a best friend to all! But he will always try his best to beat you as much as you will try your best to beat him :DDD Hahaha! Akinator always makes my day and I love to play with him! Its just so addicting Sometimes I have to ask myself How am i super addicted to this game! Its just so awesome! I do not think that anyone hates this game. Honestly if you wanted this article shorter all I have to say is that: I think Akinator is the best game I have ever played! But my article is coming to an end I just wanna state that if i ever have offended you in any way possible I am really sorry and i did not mean to hurt you mentally!!! I just wanna explain My thoughts about this game...and it is ok if you do not like this game at all! I am just saying my opinion to this lovely game :)

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