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Hot Candy Land
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Awesome Game for casual or competitive

The game is awesome in its core game play. Good tactical shooter with great mechanics. Fun to play with friends and even when solo queuing. Easy to learn and pickup the gun mechanics without much difficulty like with other shooters like counter strike. After playing for a pretty long time, Rainbow 6 is just a better version of counter strike global offensive but everything of the color, map, operators are just perfect. Just a tip for anyone reading this that thinking about getting the game, don't get the starter edition, you only get like six operator, three per side, and you will have to work your way just to get all the rest, which is just time consuming. Its just better to get the standard edition if you're on low budget, you will get all the base game operators, which is ten per side so twenty in total. There are so many ways to enter/breach through rooms which makes the game even more fun. You may be holding an angle at a doorway but them they suddenly come behind you or above you.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You can play it casually or competitively. If you wanna pick it for causal game play make sure to

have friends who also have the game. What I really like, is the concept of a game that evolves with time. Siege receives much love from the development team (regarding content) and is updated with a new map (or rework of an old one) and new operators every three months. This means there will always be enough content to keep you entertained for hours. At each round one team defends and the other one attacks. At the start of each round the defenders get time to set up their defense, while the attackers get time to scout the level and see how how the defender are setup up. Both the attackers and defenders have choice for multiple operators ( Fifty two at the point of writing) that can be bought with points earned through game play or come with the game based on your purchase. Each operator has it's own weapons as well as gadgets that require a unique play style. The cool part about this, is how in depth everything is.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Yearly season make the game fresh and active developer attention fixes the bugs and broken characters. The professional scene is blooming and the matches are fun to watch. It has a growing e-sport scene with a fun community of players. The community is not toxic as is the case with other tactical shooter. Even though this game is five years old, to me it looks like it's the best it's ever been. I bought it in late 2017 and it has marginally improved in all aspects since then. Big maps and many operators this game has to offer along with it's rather unpleasant monetization scheme may overwhelm you at first, but stick around and you might just discover a great game that you did not even know you wanted. If you like to play shooters with a little tactical depth. Give it a go. Quick entry level learning curve with a high skill ceiling. All the weapons, gadgets and maps make sure you never know what to expect. Playing against different operator and guns makes you guessing and the game more fun to play even after a long time.

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