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How to get Rare or Epic item for your hero

Hero Zero has an item rarity of Epic, Rare, and Common. Epic and Rare rarity could give you an upper hand against any other hero and the easiest way to do it is just do missions or buy an item. If you don’t like upgrading character stats through buying points, you gain levels by completing missions. Time missions are just that, you get a text scenario, you do it, you wait a while and it completes giving you exp, coins, and items. You can also fight against NPCs for a reward as well. You have to wait for both, but the longer timed once are usually the rewards are the best. buying an item is not the best option for upgrading your items. if you want to upgrading items easily and for free this guide will help you thoroughly for you to get the best items that is available on the Hero Zero game. You can get the items through Missions, in game Events, and Heroic deeds and the cost for all of the steps above is free, well if you want to get your time wasted for a little bit since all the missions for the events is you need to be active.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You can get any items at the Second Hand Shop but you need to be lucky to have found a Rare or Epic item and since this game is a Pay2Win system game, the Rare or Epic items could be bought with donuts ( The in-game currency to speed up missions or bought a Rare and Epic items), but with a bit of luck and high levels, you still can buy the rare items with a lot of coins, since the guide is to get the items for free you can blacklist the Second Hand Shop to find the best rarity and good items, but still, there are three things you can do to easily get the best items for free. Do the missions regularly, be active at the weekly and monthly events and do the heroic deeds. the best thing you should do is do the events and heroic deeds since you could see the rewards at the events and the heroic deeds. the heroic deeds one you could choose just 1 missions for your taste to get the rewards you can choose a rare or just an items, and the events you can get the epic rarity items for the reward and if you an active player you can get the upper hand from the rewards of the events.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

First, you can do missions, almost all mission that you can do have rewards of coins, exp, donuts, and items and the cost is just your hero energy and time the higher your hero level is the more rewards (and time.) you can get.

Second is the game Events the events can drop you the best items, donuts, coin, and exp. You can see the game event calendar at Hero Zero game forums you can get the rewards when the events started but you need to be active at the game events to get the best items with the best rarity.

The third is the heroic deeds. You can get Items if you do the Heroic Deeds regularly and you can see the reward of each Heroic Deeds you can get donuts, boosts, items, exp, and coins so you can do Heroics Deed just to get the items and its easy you just do some challenge, attack other heroes, see hero profiles, attack other heroes hideout, leveling up, you know the idea, and its that easy just to get a rare or epic items from all of the above three things to do

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