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World of Tanks
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World of Tanks - Review

Apart from the occasional uncooperative teammate, players are friendly and are willing to work together and take on the enemy! Teamwork is a major part of this game. In order to win battles you must protect sniping tank destroyers and artillery, while also taking out enemy tanks. There are different game modes. In standard battles, you must destroy all of the enemy tanks to win, or capture their base within fifteen minutes. In assault battles, one team has a base capture point while the other does not. The attacking team must capture the base or destroy enemy tanks and the defending team must defend the point or destroy the opposing tanks. Encounter battles are when there is only one base capture point and the two teams must either destroy the tanks of the enemy team or capture the base.
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Different Tanks:
In World of Tanks, there are five types of vehicles you can play in. These are the Heavy tanks, Medium tanks, Light tanks, Tank Destroyers and SPGs (Self-Propelled Guns). Heavies are the tanks of the team (no pun intended). They are equipped with heavy armour and powerful guns but are slow and sluggish, with mostly inaccurate guns. Mediums are a balance of everything. They have mediocre armour, speed and firepower, allowing it to traverse and rotate through the map. Lights are incredibly vulnerable, with thin armour, but as the name suggests, they are very light. Lights are the quickest of all tanks, and can zip through enemy lines and spot tanks for sniping Artillery and Tanks Destroyers. Tanks Destroyers have very low health, but are equipped with accurate and high DPM (damage per minute) guns, allowing them to rip apart tanks at a safe distance. Artillery have almost no armour and health, but have strong, long range cannons which can fire across the whole map. They, however are extremely inaccurate, but when the shot connects, it is likely to be a one-hit kill.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
My Opinion:
The game was fun and exciting for me, with each battle posing a new challenge. 'Grinding' up the tanks was repetitive though, and purchasing a new tank would mean that it would not be upgraded at all meaning that you would be at a disadvantage because you would have all the bad equipment. But, using a fully upgraded tank is exceptionally fun as you have better guns on you tanks and better engines to move faster. I have personally enjoyed playing Medium and Light tanks. They can be used to out manoeuvre slower tanks and get into positions to effectively damage enemy tanks. The whole gameplay of World of Tanks is very well made. Graphics and maps looked nice with detail put into it. Playing World of Tanks was also sometimes frustrating too if I had died in the tank at the very start of the match, I would have to wait for the whole battle to finish to use that tank again in a new battle.
5.0 (2)
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