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Worlds to Explore, through LitRPG

Tired from gaming? Then why not sample a new 'Game Sci-Fi' / 'LitRPG' book? For the first time in ages, there's a power cut. What to do now? What books to read? Well, for gamers, who often have open minds and active imaginations, (and are fascinated by the concept of open-worlds, VRMMOs and VR games), then the answer is simple: Game science-fiction! - the emerging, increasingly popular book genres of GameLit, New Cyberpunk and LitRPG. Just try an Amazon search for these keywords and browse the LOAD of titles, reviews and book summaries that explore some really cool ideas. A lot of these books are just kindle books, but if you can't afford those minimal fees, then click 'Look Inside' and read some fragments to see if you're intrigued enough by the ideas, or 'send a sample' to your kindle app/device.
I'm putting this Guide under 'Other Game' because many of these books (falling into the above lists) contain entire concepts for future games inside their stories. This can make them more challenging to read - but also more rewarding.

'They say those who 'find' Fountellion.... find themselves.'

Check out 'Fountellion in The Spiral', about a game-world that is a simulation of nature. Hopefully, it's a good example and starting point. Amazon:

Maybe you have ambitions to design your own games one day? Or like creating artwork for ideas or maybe you just love games. It's not all 'Sword Art Online' and 'Matrix' comics. There are a huge array of titles that are inspired by VR and explore, in mind-blowing ways, our relationship with technology, progression and 'powering-up'.

There is something for everyone in these genres, as there are as many books as different types of games. There is more classic science-fiction or 'speculative science-fiction' too: Blade Runner (Philip K Dick) etc, which really try and explore deeper themes, or in this case 'game theory' philosophy.

A lot of these books are not 'Fighting Fantasy', (the interactive pencil and dice books that allow you to 'find' an adventure inside a book), although these classics are well loved and still enjoyed by many, (now even as apps).

However, litRPG or GameLit books often use a lot of 'game data' and 'stats' within the writing and stories, as they can play an important part in the progress of the MC (main character). When you finish reading, you'll wish sometimes that these books WERE games, or at least, movies. But by purchasing one of them, who knows, you could help that writer to make the next book in the series.
Are you a writer and/or wannabe game designer? This is where it starts...

First, you should be interested in discovering new ideas and 'books in the making' about games and virtual worlds? So head over to Royal Road (or read the site on your mobile), and 'follow' a story, and get updated about updates to that story. Or... sign up at Wattpad. These are websites FULL of people writing about games or imaginative fantasy, and needing your support, constructive feedback, ...and it's where you can start laying down YOUR ideas, and getting instant attention - or the opposite. You should have one book or title that inspires you and makes you want to write something like it of your own - or better.

The important thing about writing about games and ideas for games is to not lose heart. Research similar ideas maybe already out there. Take all comments as motivation and continue to find YOUR audience. Just be prepared to test the waters. Be prepared to learn grammar as you go, by searching online sentences you want to use, (to see if they're used) , or about how to use sentences, find the meanings of new words etc. Never before have writers had such instant access to research via the web, to make them better.

But... it doesn't mean writing has got any easier. You still have to do the job: which is re-writing. Going back and re-reading and adjusting until you're totally satisfied you've hit the nail on the head. There are so many different ways to express something, and in a story that means keeping the tone the same and the flow continuous; so that nothing sticks out - unless it's intentional.

My advice for you writers of the future and creators of amazing game concepts, movie franchises and the like to come: Write down a trailer for your ideal book, as though it were a film. Then fill in some gaps for fun. Is the idea cool enough? Is there one part you love? Then write one short story based on this. Something fun. Then re-write it until you're so proud you want to share it with everyone. Hold off on that 'Publish' button until you've re-read it again later. (If it's too big for a short story and it starts getting massive then focus on just one part of it for now.) A big point is: just get something finished and leave it open-ended. Will it make you write another one or expand? That's the question.To be continued...

Are you a writer on RRL already? Make a comment below and tell us about your project, or idea... or share a link so we can search and try and give you some helpful, considerate feedback! Progression players!
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