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How to get free Robux

Is this article a scam? Duh no of course cause if I want to scam you why would I have asked that question? Or is this a reverse psychology trick? Either way it works because I have tried it. Well actually it depends on your luck mostly to be honest, whether the website will give you robux or not. The truth about this article that you are reading is that this is a task that I have to do, to earn bananas and a part of the task that will give me 50 robux. It doesn't sound much to you perhaps but for someone like me who have reasons to not be able to get robux myself, 50 free robux is a lot. So this is pretty much the guide to get free robux, which is not a scam in anyway, or whatever you would like to believe. And keep in mind that getting free money is not easy. You can't get like 30000 robux in 5 minutes or if the website says that, it's likely a scam so avoid those kind of websites. You only can get max about 100 robux in a week, but that is also base on your determination, so if you just want to buy pointless stuffs, you're gonna waste your time and you should do the events' items instead.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Let's get straight to the point. Getting robux free is not easy like the web says. And most importantly, do not trust any robux generator site because they are too be true and they are all scam. Bet you have been wondering which site I'm using to get free robux. It's RBLX Land that I am using. Oh that sudden "I am" instead of "I'm"? Duh that is to make this longer. Anyway I tested it and got myself a little amount of Robux so I can confirm that it does work. But as I said above, getting a lot of free Robux is not easy and you need hard work and determination. You have to keep the thought of "I must get enough robux to buy ____________" or else you gonna give up soon. In my case, "I must get enough robux to buy full Megumin set" because she is my favourite character that has ever existed. Oh and there are also three promocodes that will give you 3 robux for free on this site too. Yeah I know 3 robux is not much but It is definately better than absoloutely nothing. Now I'm gonna give some tips on this website.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The most rewarding tasks are doing the surveys. Might sounds easy but no. These kinds of tasks will almost never give you a survey that match you like "Sorry we have no survey that match your information". My ass, I have tried giving myself every job in the world, play games and watch TV for more than ten thousands hours per week, owning 276 cars, drink alcohol 127 times each day, marry 6 times at the age of 68 and of course no, there is still no survey that match my superior skills. Therefore you will need super luck to be given a survey to do. Another task is to download random apps and finish the objectives. Avoid this unless you have experience and luck because most of the objectives are impossible to do within the deadline and some just don't work. Some apps' objectives are even download the app and purchase something in there with real money. I could have just buy robux if I have money. So in conclusion doing quiz stuff is the only way. This writing article task I'm doing is just an experiment to see if it works. Thanks for reading this and I prolly won't write again since I only need to write one article. I will update this if the task works or not.

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