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What is Akinator, Is it safe and Is it worth the hype?

What is Akinator?

Akinator is a game that guesses your mind because the main purpose of this game is to guess who and what we are thinking about whether it's fictional or real-life (this is why many people enjoy using it). It will appear some options you can choose to pick base on your characters. However, it won't always guess the correct answer all the time but there is a try again button to redo. Akinator can also guess what you think in just five minute. Very cool isn't it. This is a wi-fi-required game so you only can play it if you have wi-fi. You will totally spend ton of hours on this game because it is very fun.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Is Akinator safe?

Yes, Akinator is safe because it doesn't ask for your information and we also don't have to register to play. However, Akinator is rated for people 12 and older but there are some people younger who play this game. There is some mature and sexual content that shouldn't be exposed to children. There are also some inappropriate questions that shouldn't be asked. Awhile back, I was playing this game with my mom and an inappropriate questions popped out and I got grounded for 2 weeks for having this app. So I would recommend some warnings before playing this game. Also it keep showing scary pictures which I don't like at all - from a person who has Phasmophobia.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Is Akinator worth the hype?

I think Akinator is a very fun and addicting game because you will not just get shocked but you will also feel excited that it guesses your mind right. We also get prizes and awards. But however, it will not get it right all the time. I use to love this game so much when I first heard about it but I think it is starting to lose its hype now and on. I also recommend if there are more answer option maybe that will increase the chance of the genie getting the answer correctly. There are also ads popping randomly every time I answer and you have to make an in-app purchases to stop the add (I know it cause money to make the app but still).so that's a problem. I don't think there is anything fun about this game because it just guesses your mind however its fun to answer question the genie will ask.

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