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One of the best games ever

I play rust almost every day, wasting numerous amounts of hours back to back farming, killing, building and laughing. The reason this game is so fun is because its so easy to play, after learning the fundamental basics that is. The game is continuously updated by the dedicated developers, that are releasing weekly wipes. Rust has many mechanics for survival, building, fighting, interacting, and even role playing!! This game covers a lot of aspects from a game where you want to spend many hours playing, it hardly gets boring.
And on top of all that its MULTIPLAYER aswell. Honestly could not have asked for a better game to invest almost 2000 hours in.

The main part of this game that is a really interesting mechanic, is that you actually have to trust people you decide to team up with, because at any moment they can steal from you, kill you, just about do anything to you, even lock you in a prison... This game is somewhat realistic, and exciting at the same time, some positive aspects of this game is that you spawn completely naked, which i find pretty amusing, as you can spawn with different size bodies, weather it be a female or male.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
To begin in rust; you are given a randomly generated character (any race, any gender), and spawned in naked with nothing but a rock and a torch. The rock and torch are used to help you advance in this harsh environment, by smashing trees, rocks and animals you can gain resource and evolve out of the "naked" stage. You'll want to secure a location by building a base and expanding to a reasonable size, as not everyone is friendly and they will try and attack you and grab your loot while your not on. Expect to get raided in this game, no matter where you hide or how high you build, there will come a time when someone will be curious enough to slave away to get enough resources to breach and clear your base... and once you come back to an empty base you will go through 2 feelings. Anger, the feeling of lose because you have just been raided, all those hours, wasted for nothing. Then you'll go through acceptance. Accept the fact that you got raided and its not the end of the world. You can do it, just get back out there with your tiny rock and start over again. At the end of the week, it all gets reset and you get to start it all over again and if they reset that week, then your time will eventually come, where everyone will be back on the beach with nothing but a rock.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Yes, rust can be played entertainingly for an hour a week and you will be presented with a ton of fun, unlike what other individuals who haven't played rust to the fullest, and experienced its full potential. No, you won't rule a server, however you wouldn't hope to play an hour of CS and wind up noticeably Global inside a singular week, yet you can even now have a ton of fun and discover things, similar to the way you can experience in other computer games.

Note, rust is difficult to be great at, yet it's as simple to get into like other games and the trouble and weight of knowledge makes the profundity and replay ability that other games just don't have. However other games do, while as yet being less demanding to get into than those recreations. You don't need to make inquiries that leave you scratching your head in wonder why your bullets aren’t going where your crosshair is. You don’t need to worry about anything to play Rust, BUT, similar aspects are still in this game, and you can easily learn them and improve your skill.

The most compelling motivation I see Rust as one of the best recreations ever is that it simultaneously enables individuals to play an alternate reality inside a similar aspect. Because I play it for the pvp and rivalry doesn't mean others can't play it like they want to, and have a better time than I do. The stories and encounters you will have in Rust are incredible as you are continuously running into different types of people.

At the end of the day rust is just another one of those games that you can spend hours upon hours investing into the game just to have it wiped with a couple of days, but it’s all about the experience you get from the game, the encounters, the kills, basically everything that happens has its own meaning whether you hate the game because of that or you are sucked in more and more. This game is certainly worth buying and playing
5.0 (1)
Author DanL
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