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My opinion about the game is one of my favorite childhood video games that made me excited and happy. There are a lot of game modes that you can choose and play if you are bored or you just don't like the other game modes. I used to play it when I'm bored and I still do it. When I'm playing it I massage my friends to hop on and play with me. We usually make party and invite people from other platforms to it. And the most relaxing thing about this game is that you can play and feel safe, without thinking about the hackers and try harders. If you don't have friends to play with, you don't need to overthink it and just have fun playing the game! :D

You shouldn't try hard if you are not trying to impress your friends. The game is designed for players to hop on and have fun, not for something like that. If you have that on mind, just thing about how mad the players will be when they see how unplayable it is for them. Keep that in mind ;)

-Here's the example of how badly you can make the custom skin if you are me ):D

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

There are some funny moments when you pop someone with a lot of points, while you are one little virus :D If you are feeling lonely while playing FFA :( , you can change it to TEAMS where you have a lot of friend :)

    You can team up with someone smaller and eat someone bigger than you guys xD

After some time they add some new and fun game modes that you can hop on and have fun :P

One of my favorite ones is Teams game mode where you use team work to win VS other teams!

If you like to gain a lot of mass in short time, you should try game mode named: Experimental. In this gamemode there are some type of viruses that give point mass out of them. They can be used for good. For example if you are really big, and you don't feel like playing anymore, you can give other players some fun competitive games.
Just go to the viruses and starting giving your points with W. When the virus is big enough, you should split into 10-15 parts and give your mass in the virus. The players will be happy to see something that big, because it's quite rare. :D

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Don't forget to have fun while playing it or you'll lose your time for nothing :D

    Don't be mad if you die, it's just a game :DDon't be ashamed if you are popped by some small circles, they have advantage on you because they are smaller and faster than you :D

    [list][list]If you have experience with this game, you know how funny it is when someone new to the game tries to play it and dies a lot of times :D they get annoyed and all, while you are watching them and smiling knowing that you were like them, when you were new to the game, just like them. If they feel disappointment, just show them how the game works and help them a bit. Call them to your party and make them follow you. Tell them to gain points, to split up and eat smaller people than them, and other things that you have learned playing this game. This game is not designed for competitions and things like that, don't forget that! :D

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