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How to play Ying in Paladins

Support characters? Really? Most of the gamers who play Paladins - Champions of the Realm never play support characters (Actually they hate support characters). But I like playing support characters other than damage or flank (I love front-line too). Support characters are some-what hard to play, I know that. But, when you master any support character (I mean like leveling up to level 5) you will find it more interesting to play support characters. According to a wise guy, support characters are the true-backbone of the team, not flank.
Imagine a situation like this. Your team is in an intense situation where both of the team are fighting really really hard to capture the objective and your team is losing health badly. That's when team mates yell "where the f*** is the healer!". (Yeah, I'm glad that you need a healer now)
My favorite supporting character is Ying. Why?
1. Illusory Rift: Her ultimate. Heal the entire team mates instantly. Imagine the above situation. Ying is handy.
2. Her illusions: It's cool right? You can spawn illusions to heal your team mates while you go on your own quest? :) Front-line characters would love this. Did she trick you?
3. Shatter: Yeah she can explode all the illusions she spawned, causing 500+ damage to every nearby enemy. The coolest thing is when using Shatter they chase nearby enemies and explode.
4. Dimensional Link: Teleporting to the furthest or last active illusion's location? Yeah, you guessed it right. When you are taking heavy damage, kill or just escape. What did Kinessa say? Escape route ready. Thanks to the Paladins card based upgrade system, spawn a illusion right at your location and teleport. If your enemy is chasing you, this will become handy. I mean teleport and use shatter to explode it. If your enemy is close enough, ka-boom. And of couse you can teleport to any team mate while your ultimate is on-going.
5. Illusory Mirror: Can deal 450 damage (5 ticks of 90 damage over 0.2s) every 0.5s. Ammo count is 8. It's a moderate amount of damage plus no recoil. Whoa! So much abilities!!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Oh, I forgot to mention! Her health is higher (2350 plus can be upgraded) than some damage players and almost every Flank. :)
Remember Ying is not a damage or frontline champion. Ying needs to be played caution. If Ying is in a place without any cover or without any team mates or in a well opened place she is a open target. Don't try to be a hero. This is common between every support characters. Always stay with the objective and spawn illusions where your team mates taking damage. And remember don't use your ultimate when it's been cooked. Keep it for later use. If your team is losing health badly, use it. Just don't use it on a single team mate.
When using Shatter ability, there's no secret, use it when multiple enemies around. Like around the objective to cause a huge damage. :) If you like, use the legendary card Resonance so every illusion explodes when it's been killed or expired.
Illusions can be deployed within a range. You can increase the range using card upgrades. If someone in your team is taking heavy fire, deploy an illusion near the player and try to take many shots as you can. Just avoid direct fire.
I mentioned that Ying's direct damage is moderate. You can kill a player with 1800 health points in 2 seconds (if you aim precisely). Illusory mirror can deal 450 damage in 0.2s but there's a 0.3s delay between every shot. So there's no recoil. Ying can deal a total damage between 30,000 to 90,000 in every match. I once did a 130,000 damage in a Classic Siege match. So she is a bad-ass too. As a support character, she can heal between 30,000 to 80,000 if you balanced your play type, healer plus damage dealer.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
To get the full advantage of Ying, the should be supportive too. Hardest characters to heal are Flank characters. Just stop running already! :) Ying and front-line characters are the perfect combination. Together we are strong! (Fernando, If you can't understand)
Ying is so hard to play if team mates aren't around the objective. Ying can heal a well grouped-up team easily. Remember, key to win is grouping up. When activating Ying's ultimate teleport near allies and deploy illusions so they will be healed if they are losing health.
One thing I mostly do in Onslaught matches is using Dimensional Link to spawn back dead illusions (you need to add Rewind card in your load out) and deploying another illusion, then activating Shatter. So it will do a huge area damage. :) I think this guide is enough. Follow this guide or play with your own play style. At last it's you who play. :)
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