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Glorious Saga
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Casual rail management game

Let's take a look at this.
The game is available on steam and has quite bad reviews, i wondered why ?
Time to find out !
It's free to play with in game purchase option. A simulation game on a casual level. That means you don't need to do much (just clicking and waiting). It does't have any real system requirement, pretty much like a browser game. The graphics are cartoonish, nothing bad or good with it, personal preference i guess.

As the game starts, you get that welcome screen and quest. These quest's are tutorial type. You are not forced to follow it exactly, but recommended.
Yeah i tried differently on my own pace ( because why not ? ). Just to end up extending the tutorial with few hours.

The whole game is about managing your base or station, like a farmville or something. You will transport passengers, resources, and products to different city. After some quest the producing part becomes available where you turn the resource into a product. Quite simple right ?

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You will be tasked to manage everything, from start to finish.
For example in order to make profit, you need to select the available train, click on it to load it with cargo.
Wait for it.
Select a target destination (hope that you have enough fuel).
Wait for it to arrive, and wait for it to come back.
When it's finally returned home you need to welcome it, by a click on it.
Yeah pretty intense, and you need to do this every time, no matter what.

About that fuel part, there are four group of train which require different type of fuel.
Four group is :
At start the basic tourist type is available. As you level up, the steam, diesel and electric become attainable (after paying quite much for it). The bigger your level is the more train is available. As you send trains on different locations the condition will decrease , so you need to repair them from time to time. The more costly trains will go faster and transport more, but the maintenance cost will be also higher.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

This is the "world map" , here you establish new rail lines and observe how much time you need to wait.
Quite early on you start to establish rail connections to other cities. The number of connection which you can have is limited. Upgrading "building authority" will increase that limit.
Different cities have different supply and demand. For example a resource or your produced goods can be expensive in one place and cheap somewhere else, keep that in mind if you want to make some profit.
There is little else to say about this game, it has bad reviews on steam because of waiting times. So much waiting ...
Of course there is one way to remove that, buy diamond. This is't surprising and can be expected with this type of games. It's free to play, so you don't lose anything.
About waiting times, take it slow and do something else while "playing" this. For example playing with your cat or watching videos or browsing the web, it's not that bad.
A casual game after all, you should not take it to seriously.

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