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Super Mario Party switch review

Super Mario party is a popular spin off of the Mario series of games. They are made for either solo or family playing and is in a board game style with fun mechanics and minigames mixed in. Of course keeping Mario Tradition this game is suitable for all ages and people to play and enjoy. The game also features a whole host of Mario characters from hero's and princesses such as: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina etc, to villains such as Dry bones, Goombah, Bowser, Bowser jr, Boo and more. There are also a wide variety of modes you can use to play these include: Party mode, Partner party mode, River survival mode, sound stage mode, toads rec room mode, minigames and if you have friends to play with online mode. However there is no option to just join a online lobby for online mode so if you do not have friends to play with you are out of luck for this mode. To complete the game you must earn the stone by completing each mode (if you're a marvel fan you'll know this premise well.)

Each mode provides some variety in how you play, however you must keep in mind it is a Mario game so while it is engaging it can be a bit repetitive after many replays. However all things considered I feel the game still manages to be quite endearing. It is quite a mixed bag on how the game actually plays however as it is quite easy for the game to become unbalanced. Each character in the game has a unique dice block which while a very interesting add on can make the game a bit difficult as some character's dice block is far superior to others. There is also the issue of items as they are there to be brought with coins you collect to aid the player. Most of these are very well thought out, however there is one I feel that causes a severe unbalance in the game this being the golden pipe. A gold pipe costs only 10 coins but upon use leaves you right in front of the star, while this item is cool it is very overpowered considering it's price in game, i hope in future they increase the price of this item.

My personal favourite mechanic however is the use of lakitu. By visiting lakitu you can either steal coins from a rival for free or pay 30 coins to steal a star from another player. This (while destroying friendships.) helps to equalise the game and add some feeling of uncertainty even when you are in the lead that adds to the fun. There is also the classic bonus stars that are handed out at the end of each game that can make or break your game. These while frustrating at times I still feel are a very nice add on that I'm pleased they have kept throughout the games. Overall while it is not the bet game in the Mario party series it is certainly a well made game that has a lot of potential if tweaked to balance out some overpowered mechanics. I also feel the fame would benefit from a expert or master difficulty setting for those that wish to be challenged a bit further by this game. To conclude Super Mario party is a mixed bag of family fun that while frustrating is a family staple. If you have a family especvially one with kids this game is worth your time and money.

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