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Ark End-Game to Mid-Game

Hello everyone, today I will guide you through ARK. I will teach you how to beat a map in ARK. The map I will be using to guide you is going to be lost island. So, let's start. First you are going to need to spawn in a safe place. Since I am using the example of Lost island, best spawn location is in the northwest direction of the map. Once you spawn, pickup a few stones and punch a tree to gather thatch and wood. Craft a Pickaxe and then hit the boulders and rocks. Now gather more flint and rock and also craft a hatchet and a torch. Remember that stone picks are better for getting flint and thatch whereas hatchest are better at getting wood and stone. Craft a campfire. Kill a few small dinos to get some meat and hide. Light up the campfire and cook the meat. Keep the hide with you as it will be very important later on. Craft a bow and stone arrows to defend yourself and also craft a mortar and pestle. Put a stack of meat in your inventory and then split into separate pieces by right clcikng the meat, then clicking split and then clicking split all.

In ark if something is in a stack then it will spoil one by one but if they are separated then all of them will spoil at the same time. Craft a forge to smelt metal. Gather some metal and smelt it. Craft a smithy. Gather some more metal to smelt it and then craft a metal axe and a pickaxe. Put your spoiled meat into mortar and pestle and start collecting narcoberries. Add all your narcoberries to the mortar and pestle and craft some narcotics. Now put the narcotics in your inventory and craft some tranq arrows. Tame yourself a berry gathering dino by knocking it out and feeding it's favoured food. Don't forget that there are dinos like moschops which can passively be tamed by feeding them. Also, don't try to tame dinos like therizinosaur or brontosaurs yet. With your metal pickaxe, get a lot of metal and smelt it. Craft a crossbow to use instead of a bow. Now, it's time to get a flyer. Find a pteranodon and knock it out. Feed it meat and tame it. Craft it's saddle. Don't start exploring yet as it can be quite dangerous. Collect a lot of metal and craft flack armour.

Get on your Ptetanodon and ckeck nearby drops for loot. They might have good crossbows or other items. Get yourself somenice gear and then go in search of a good level Argentavis. Tame one using a trap and take it back to base. Craft a saddle for it. Now tame a ankylosaurus. Pickup your ankylosaurus with Argentavis and farm metal in bulk. Both argentavis and ankylosaurus have weight reduction for metal. Don't just use a single forge to smelt all the iron. Craft some more forges and start smelting usjng wood. Now when the wood also burns charcoal will be made. Charcoal is essential later on to make gunpowder so don't throw it. Now make yourself a base, preferably with stone. Having a forge is good but and industrial forge is 20 times faster while refining anything. It can also almost run forever as long as there is electricity. To get an Industrial forge you need a fabricator. Start to collect resources for fabricator. Make some gasoline in the forge and put it in the fabricator. Now you are in the mid-game. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great day.

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